RAITE Hypervisor

RAITE Hypervisor

     中瓴智行自主研发的RAITE Hypervisor是基于微内核的高性能强实时Type-1型Hypervisor,可同时运行Linux、Android、FreeRTOS等多个虚拟机系统,可实现CPU、内存、外设等硬件资源在操作系统间的有效隔离。基于Hypervisor系统,可搭建标准化、模块化的基础软件平台,满足智能汽车,轨道交通等领域智能设备对多操作系统的系统信息安全和功能安全融合需求。

            RAITE Hypervisor independently developed by Zlingsmart is a high-performance, strong real-time Type-1 Hypervisor based on micro kernel. It can simultaneously run multiple virtual machine systems such as Linux, Android, and FreeRTOS, achieving effective isolation of hardware resources such as CPU, memory, and peripherals among operating systems. Based on the Hypervisor system, a standardized and modular fundamental software (the general term of operating systems, databases, middleware, etc.) platform can be built to meet the integration requirements of system information security and functional safety in multiple operating systems for intelligent devices in fields such as intelligent automobiles and rail transit.

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  • 实时性,高性能满足智能安全设备应用场景要求

    Real-time and high performance meet the requirements of application scenarios of intelligent security equipment.

  • 完全自主知识产权,可基于客户应用场景进行需求定制和性能优化

    Completely self-developed, can be customized and optimized for customer application scenarios.

  • 全面符合MISRA-C 2012编码规范

    Fully compliant with MISRA-C 2012 coding specifications.

  • 支持灵活的硬件资源隔离和配置功能

    Support flexible hardware resource isolation and configuration functions.

  • 符合ISO 26262 ASIL-B功能安全设计和流程要求

    Compliant with ISO 26262 ASIL-B functional safety design and process requirements.

  • 强大的本土技术支持团队和服务团队,团队具备平均10以上年嵌入式虚拟化开发经验,满足产品快速推出市场和量产需求

    Strong technical support and service team, with an average of more than 10 years of experience in embedded virtualization development, to meet the needs of rapid product launch and mass production.



Product Features

  •     Type1型Hypervisor,支持多虚拟机同时运行和隔离

         Type-1 Hypervisor, supporting multiple virtual machines running and isolation simultaneously.

  • 支持硬件辅助虚拟化,典型场景虚拟机性能损耗<2%

    Support hardware-assisted virtualization, performance loss of virtual machine for typical scenarios less than 2%.

  • 虚拟机快速通信,和多屏交互功能

    Fast communication between virtual machines, and supporting multi-screen interaction.

  • 支持虚拟机SMP运行

    Support virtual machine SMP operation.

  • 支持基于优先级和时间分区调度

    Support scheduling based on priority and time-partitioned.


HW Support


Architecture Support


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Renesas R-Car H3

Renesas R-Car M3

Semidrive X9

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