Zlingsmart's self-developed real-time operating system based on customers’ key requirements including software ecology, reliability, security, and critical performance. Using micro-kernel software architecture product and solution to meet key requirements for intelligent industrial equipment scenarios such as autonomous driving at the architectural level. In terms of software ecology, embedded hypervisor is used to introduce a mature application software ecosystem and is compatible with hardware devices to drive the ecosystem, to ensure the upper-layer application ecology such as AI required by autonomous driving controller, as well as the underlying software ecology of chip and peripheral manufacturers.


自主研发微内核操作系统RAITE RTOS

RAITE RTOS, Self-developed Micro-kernel Operating System

  • 微内核架构,高安全可靠;

    Micro-kernel architecture, highly secure and reliable.

  • 支持虚拟化;

    Supports virtualization.

  • 实时操作系统;

    Real-time operating system.

  • 时间分区调度 

    Time-partitioned dispatch.

  • 支持POSIX标准; 

    Supports POSIX standards.

  • 快速IPC机制;

    Fast IPC mechanism.

  • 满足ISO26262 ASIL-D功能安全等级要求。

    Complies with ISO26262 ASIL-D functional safety requirements.